Block all advertisements on Google Chrome

Ad blocker for Google Chrome
Are you using Google Chrome as a web-browser? If yes than we got the right ad blocker for you! This ads blocker blocks all the annoying commercials, advertorials, huge banners and skips video commercials on YouTube! Pretty awesome right?

Google Chrome AdBlock

We can recommend you AdBlock for Google Chrome to get the control back over your own Internet again. This plugin for Google Chrome blocks all commercial content on websites. You can download the plugin from the official Google Chrome Web Store.

Don’t want to search the plugin yourself than use the the link below for the ad blocker.
Google Chrome ads blocker download

Don’t forget to share this web-trick with your friends! This will help us by making the Internet a advertorial free place where you can browse without any marketing related content. Not sure if your ad blocker is working properly? Don’t worry you can test it on our testing page.

Do you need advertisement blockers?

Well this depends on the following. Do you want annoying advertising to ruin your browsing experience? And do you like to wait and look at the advertising video before the YouTube video starts that you wanted to see? If you don’t want these advertising slowing down your Internet experience than your only option is an online advertisement blocker. We can suggest you different ads-blockers for every browser (a browser is; Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari). With these ads-blockers that you download as browser plug-in you won’t be able to see advertising and nobody will be able to sell you junk or spam you online.

Let us know how the ad blocker for Google Chrome works!

Block all advertisements on Google Chrome
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    Really really glad with this chrome adblocker plugin since it doesn’t slow down the browsing performance! Thank you very much for taking the time to find an ad blocker for every browser!

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