Ad blockers that are showing ads, are you kidding?

Fake ad blockers that show ads
Yeah you read that right, nope it is not a typo… some ad blockers are going to show ads. We definitely don’t digg that. Who do they think they are? Selling us ad blockers and then randomly showing advertisements that they approved? What if a monkey is approving these so-called “good ads” randomly? How the heck can he decide what a good advert is? This is ridiculousness to the next level but we know how to stop this madness. On our website we will never do any business with those fake ad blockers. To set an example we made a public hangman game of the ad blockers that try to scam us.

What ad blockers not to use because they show advertisements

We made list of banned ad blockers that are showing targeted ads to their users. They are selling advertisement space to large companies such as Google, Bing and other ad-practitioners for a nominal fee plus asking us money for their services. Over our back? Guess not. The following ad blockers are fakers and will not block ads;

❌ Adblock Crystal for iOS doesn’t block ads (Reviewers you know what to do)
❌ Adblock Plus on almost every device and browser doesn’t block online ads (yeah we removed all your links, fakers!)

Why are ad blockers showing ads?

Showing advertisements, as an ad blocker, is probably the most unethical move you can make. That is like saying A and doing B. Mr Dean Murphy did it and is trying to make some extra cash above his already stacking money from the number one App-store App Crystal. Yeah you paid for his Crystal App that supposed to block ads? Like a pig in a poke. You can probably receive a refund if you bash Apple for it but who has the time to do that? In the meantime we offer great advert blockers for every operating system and browser. They are all 100% free adblockers and actually do block 100% of the online commercials. There is definitely no need for this obvious subliminal advertising….

How can you effectively block ads?

Choose your browser or operating system from this list and follow the steps on that page. Good luck and enjoy your online surfing!

Help us in finding fake ad blockers

We need your help in improving our service for you and everybody around the world. Therefore, if you find any flaws in our advert blockers please report it and we will see what we can do. In addition we will put them on the banned list together with the Adblock Plus plugins and the Crystal App. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Ad blockers that are showing ads, are you kidding?”

  1. And Brave itself advertises, just like (okay, maybe not exactly like) Firefox does, unless you turn that crap OFF. Should be OFF by default.

  2. OK this is so wrong, Ad Block Plus does work because i did the test and it did remove the ad from this page, The problem with ad block some ads cant be blocked. P


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