Lets block Adsense referral spam views

After months of harassment by referral spam in our Google Analytics data (which is still not stopping or countered by Google, thanks Google for that!)it is now time for the spamlords to move on and pollute our Google Adsense data. The Adsense spammers are making advantage of the same major flaw in the same way the referral GA spam works. They are pulling your unique Adsense identifiers such as your data-ad-client=ca-pub-8370490319XXXXX and data-ad-slot=677031XXXX and randomly spam there spidersbots on it to infect your Adsense data. Fun thing is that Google can’t do anything to stop them from doing this as they have to change the whole concept of how to verify your website, Google Analytics, Google Adsense. Additionally, I think it can’t be long before they are going to infect Google Search Console (Google webmasters) stats and manipulate your referrals links by showing you their spammy websites such as success-seo.com and free-floating-buttons.com as a web referrals. Anyway, lets move on and remove the Google Adsense spam views as this is annoying and we don’t like spammy advertisements.

How to remove fake Adsense views

Yeah Google how do we remove Adsense referral spammers such as success-seo.com? Maybe you can come up with some kind of a exclude function so that we can block fake Adsense views out of our data. Since we’re currently trying to figure out a way to block these fake Adsense views but there seems to be no solid solution yet. The only real solution to fix this problem is by verifying all of your websites via site-management. Here you are able to add your own websites and exclude other sources. Yet, this is a time consuming option when you have a few websites more or less. Lets hope Google comes up with a battle-plan against this new form of spam. Ow and sometimes the referrals are also called Ghost views of ghost referrals. It’s just a figure of speech since it are ghosts that visit our website and use our Google Adsense codes.

Do you know any better ways to block Adsense spam views?

If you do know a better way to block out fake Adsense views please let us know via the comments below. We’ll add your genius blocking method to this page, which can help a lot of people! Good for your Karma and good for the world since we might be able to tackle those annoying Russian spamsites.

2 thoughts on “Lets block Adsense referral spam views”

  1. block all domains with the keyword adsense. I had it bolcked on my tplink 4300 router but just installed gargoyle and lost that option.


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