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ad-blocker plugin for android

Are you tired of ads on your Android tablet or phone? Well don’t worry! We are here to help you install the best ad blocker for Android no matter on if you’re on a Samsung, Pixel, Sony Xperia, Moto, or LG phone. With this ad blocker for Android it is possible to block advertisements on your tablet and phones browser. Adblock Plus is an Android application that runs in the background of your device without slowing it down. It filters ads the same way as it does on the web browsers on your pc. So are you ready to surf the Internet again without annoying advertisements? Download the new Android ad blocker now via the following steps;

Ad blocker for your Android device

Our recommendation for an ad blocker that works on all devices ranging from tablets, phones and phablets is Adblock Plus for Android. Let’s start blocking some advertising with the free adblock plugin for Android!

Just click on the link below and you are ready to install the app that blocks all.
Download Adblock Plus for Android

Not sure if your ad blocker works? You can test it on this page.

How does the Android ad blocker work?

The app that blocks the ads on your Android phone or tablet runs like any other app but you will not see it. It runs on the background on low graphics and does not empty your battery because it only works when you are browsing the Internet. Additionally the app for Android doesn’t use much of the CPU core. This means it will not slow down your phone or tablet, so don’t hesitate and download it! Enjoy surfing the web again!

13 thoughts on “Ad blocker for Android”

  1. For Android use AdZHosts. It’s notre just a filter for your browser. It’s an hosts file Can block all ADS and craplinks un all tout smartphone 🙂

  2. Doesn’t block ads in some apps. Shazam. Yahoo weather. Play newsstand sometimes works (often closing newsstand and opening adblock plus and download update and reload newsstand works but not always!).

      • Blokada has worked perfectly for me in pretty much every app I’ve used, I highly recommend it for an android ad blocker without needing root.

        If your phone is rooted, though, I’m pretty sure Adaway is the best option still!


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