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Ad blocker plugin for Firefox

Are you using Mozilla Firefox as a web browser? If the answer is “yes” then we got the right ad blocker for you! This ads blocker blocks any annoying commercials, strange followers, ugly banners and skips video commercials on YouTube! How awesome is that? Let’s get started.

Firefox uBlock Origin

We can recommend you uBlock Origin to get back control over your own Internet again. This plugin for Firefox blocks all commercial content on websites. You can download the plugin from the official Firefox website.


Click the link below for the ad blocker.
Firefox ads blocker download

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How do I block ads on Mozilla Firefox?

You can block ads on Mozilla Firefox via an ad blocker browser plugin that can be downloaded for free via our website. This browser plugin blocks dynamic ads from large display advertisements providers such as Google Adsense, Amazone Associates, Adversal, Yllix Media, Chitika, PopCash, Infolinks,, PopAds and PropellerAds media. There are no costs and the plugin is free to download and usable on any version of Mozilla Firefox. So how do you get rid of ads on Firefox? Just install the ad blocker browser plugin and activate it.

What does the Firefox Ads blocker do?

If you download an ads blocker via our website for a browser (let’s say Firefox) than the adverts won’t be able to spam you anymore. All forms of advertisement are blocked and blank space will be shown on the spot. Additionally, the ads blocker protects you against spam, unwanted adverts, sponsored pages, unwanted followers, random adverts and more advertorial related content. Downloading and installing an ads blocker is really easy just follow our guide at the start of this page and you will be up and running in no time.

FAQ about Firefox ad blockers

⛔ Does Firefox have an build in ad blocker?

No, Firefox does have an popup blocker, which occasionally blocks ads. If you want to advertisements to be blocked you have to install an ad blocker plugin on Firefox.

? How do I turn off ads in Firefox?

You can disable ads via the settings (gear icon) in the top-right corner on a new tab and uncheck all the boxes of the features that you don’t want to see. But my guess is that you really want to block all ads online? Than you should install an ad blocker plugin for Firefox.

? Is an ad blocker on Firefox illegal?

No, using an ad blocker for Firefox is not illegal. The only caveat here is that if you block ads on your favorite websites you’ll harm their revenue stream. Consider whitelisting your most visited websites from your ad blocker.

? How do I block YouTube ads on Firefox?

There is no build-in functionality in Firefox that blocks YouTube ads. However, you can simply download a plugin or add-on for Firefox that does it. Simply search for ad blocker or visit my website for the most up-to-date version.

Let us know how the ad blocker works for you on Firefox!

12 thoughts on “Block all ads on Firefox”

  1. I think the best ad blocking tool out there is Adguard. It is not free but soo powerfull and a lot lighter then in-browser plugings. I have been using it for 3 months now, very happy for the end result.

  2. Had several ad blockers and they all disappeared 5/4/19. When I went to download them , it said download failed. Please check your connections. I don’t remember deleting or changing anything.

  3. Super!! Didn’t noticed how much the web was polluted with advertisements untill I installed your ad blocker. Now I can experience every website without spam. Thanks so much!!


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