Google please block all referrer spam

Why isn’t Google blocking those annoying referrer spam websites that pollute your Google Analytics (GA) data? Nobody likes,,,, and all those other Russian spammers. Even companies in other countries are discovering the Analytics abusing and the ever-expanding spamlist we have created on is growing every hour. Google has to stop this but why aren’t they making any moves? Why is it so hard to instantly block spammers for a company that owns The Internet?

This is why Google can’t block referral spam


There is one fundamental problem with the current Google Analytics website verification system. It is the unique UA-******* code that isn’t that unique at all and easy to abuse. The referral spam trick works like this for e.g. sends a ping to a random Google Analytics UA-****** code, when it hits a code that is used by a website it infects the GA data. When your website is hit by the referral spambot you will see that website as a referral in your Google Analytics data. Since the referrer spambot massively spams random UA-****** Google Analytics verification codes it is impossible to block them for Google. The only way Google can stop the referral spam is by changing the whole website verification method. That’s why this isn’t an easy peasy problem to solve. Nevertheless, Google has to make a move on this since the Google Analytics data is rendering useless information for most webmasters that don’t know how to filter referrer spambots. Luckily for you we have made an easy guide about the removal of referral spam from your Google Analytics data. This guide helps you to remove the spam within a few clicks of your mouse. You can find it here.

Google’s status about referrer spam

If you are looking for Google’s official status about referral spam than this is what they have to say about it “…..”, yep absolutely nothing. They’re probably aware of the spam but there is no fix in sight. So hang on people and keep blocking those annoying Vitaly spamwebsites. Google we need you!

4 thoughts on “Google please block all referrer spam”

    • Totally agree.. It is getting more annyoing with every day. And guess what I also noticed adsense referral spam! So those artard Russians are also working on useless adsense spam… Google better put on their boxing gloves and start making some punches because this is ridiculous…


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