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Ad blocker software for ipad iphone or ios

Since more and more people are using the Apple phones and tablets for browsing the Internet it is becoming increasingly annoying that ads are infesting the mobile browsers. Well don’t be scared because we’re here to save you from all the advertisement on your iPhone or iPad. It is still not a 100% ad proof app but it does block most of the annoying spam you receive during surfing the web.

iPhone Ad blocker

We recommend downloading Adblock Plus (ABP) for iOS. This app runs on the background on your iOS device and does not slow it down. Ow and don’t worry about it draining your battery because the app uses little of your CPU power. Unfortunately it only blocks some ads, but better block something than nothing!


Download Adblock for iOS

When you installed your adblocker plugin you can check if it works on this page. Other popular ad blockers for iPhone are the apps Purify. Do not use Crystal Adblock or Adblock Plus because they don’t block adverts!

iPhone and iPad ad blockers

Since Apple is still giving app builders a hard time in configuring some background technical specifications it is hard to find a good ad blocker for these devices. But Adblock for iOS does the trick at the moment. This app runs only on iOS 7 or higher and is best to be used on the iPhone 5 or higher. It blocks pop-ups, layer ads and banners from websites that want to promote crappy stuff you don’t want. Many users have given the app a high rating because at the moment it is the only Appstore app blocking ads. Lets enjoy adfree browsing again!

Using various browsers on your iPad

These days it is possible to use various browsers on your iPad or iPhone. To block ads on these devices when you use the browser Google Chrome you can use adblock Chrome iPad.

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  1. Great article, not only are ads annoying, but there are risks of malware and the like with these ads as well. That is why when I serve, whether I am on my PC or my phone.


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