Ad blocker for Microsoft Edge

Ad blocker for Microsoft Edge

Edge is the new webbrowser from Microsoft and is replacing the much debated and poorly performing Internet Explorer. The Edge browsers should be faster, more safe and able to do everything what any other browser can do nowadays. Nevertheless, Edge browser isn’t able to block advertisements! Even in 2020 Microsoft is one of the many failing in creating a clean internet environment via their browser. But don’t worry you have us to help you out! Because we found the best and most importantly free ad blocker for Edge that works on any version of Windows or iOS/Mac. This should teach all those popup ads a lesson. Even with the new Egde browser technology we are still able to block ads.

How to install ad blocker for Edge browser

Installing ad blocker for your new Edge browser is very easy. Just follow our walkthrough and we release you of all browser advertisements within moments.

1. Download the Egde Ad Blocker browser plugin
2. Install the plugin on the Edge browser
3. Activate Ad blocker for Edge and be free again!

You can download the ad blocker for Edge here.

What will this Edge ad blocker plugin block?

The ad blocker plugin will block various types of adverts online. Most famous ads it blocks are video’s prior to your Youtube trailer/movie/guide. Another great example are the banner advertisements you see on this website, with the adsblocker you will block them all and only see blank spots. Every other type of advertisement such as popups or overlays are also blocked. Not sure if your ad blocker for Edge is working? You can test it here.

11 thoughts on “Ad blocker for Microsoft Edge”

  1. I’d like to vote/rate this ad blocker, but it won’t load and I’ve tried 4-5 times! i would like to use it on YouTube, edge, everything the pop-ups really slow things down, Now how can i load THIS!!! i even typed in the total link?? Please advise.

  2. Thank you for the ad blocker! It works perfectly without delay. Finally no more video commercials when i’m watching video’s on youtube. Thanks so much!!!

  3. I thought this was to be an ad blocker and then we get an ad for the Book of Mormon. I think you forgot you were blocking ads!

    • What do you mean by “this” and if you mean “us” then you’re wrong because we are helping you in blocking ads. This website is not an ad blocker.


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