Most annoying ad of 2019

Annoying advertisement award 2019

Yep, here we are again with our most annoying ad award for the year 2019. Our voters did a stunning job with almost 19.000 votes (18.936 to be exact / 45%). And the winner is …drumrolls… YouTube video ads! Like every year these annoying sponsored video’s stick around like super glue on steroids. Nobody likes them and they have gotten even more annoying in 2019 as they nearly took 45% of all the votes! The loser this year is the apparently not so annoying blogpost advertorial with only 186 votes (1%). So native advertisement isn’t as bad as most people & Google (probably because they don’t make any money on it) thinks?

2019 annoying ad awards summary

Here is the full summary of your loyal votes for the most annoying ad;

  1. YouTube video ads (8.510 votes / 45%)
  2. Fullscreen overlay ad (2.891 votes / 26%)
  3. Website popup ad (3.388 votes / 18%)
  4. Background retargeting ads (879 votes / 5%)
  5. Website banners (476 votes / 3%)
  6. Facebook promoted posts (360 votes / 2%)
  7. Affiliate links (257 votes / 1%)
  8. Blogpost advertorials (186 votes / 1%)

Some information about our sample group

Because the majority of the people visiting my website isn’t using proper ad blockers or tracking blockers I’m able to give some average statistics about the sample size used in the survey.

Most annoying ad of 2019

The sample group majority was English speaking (65,86%) followed by Germans (6,56%), French (2,28%), Dutch (2,05%), Italians (1,62%) and Portuguese (1,09%). The majority used Google Chrome (55,10%) followed by Safari (17,86%), Firefox (10,85%), Edge (6,19) and for some reason 2,81% is still using Internet Explorer… poor souls, it did however decline from 24% in 2015 as you can read here in our 2015 report. Devices used are Desktop (55,29%), Mobile (40,69%) and Tablet (4,02%). Device brands used are Apple iPhone (27,07%), Apple iPad (5,42%), Samsung Galaxy S8 (1,52%), Google Pixel 2 XL (1,49%) and one real gainer that pops up a lot are the OnePlus phones (around 1% multiple of them). Think the Apple folks are a bit more tech savvy than the others!

Next years 2020 award(s)

Next year in 2020 we’re going to introduce a new type of award next to the most annoying ad. We’ll nominate some companies for the “privacy doesn’t matter” award! These companies all use our private data to their benefit without the consumers full consent or knowledge. They steal our private text, manipulate our minds and consumer behaviour. Take your private matters back and learn more about privacy online here.

We cannot stress this enough. Just download a freaking ad blocker!

2 thoughts on “Most annoying ad of 2019”

  1. Just when you thought the Virus-Antivirus tussle was getting boring, the Ads-AdBlocker skirmish hots up. YAAAY ! If you thought Virus was the real villain, go read up what the Corporates do with your data. Don’t wait till they sell your bank password to the highest bidder !

    • At some point the data mining cooperations will be the virus. Just a matter of time before they will predict what you are doing and start guiding you into their buy traps.


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