Most annoying online advertisement of 2015

Most annoying ads of 2015

What is the most annoying advertisement of 2015? We found it! We asked 1173 people about their online experiences with advertisement. Guess what? We have one absolute winner that tops the list with a stunning 44% (515 votes) and one big fat loser that only got 1% (14 votes). Nevertheless, we still think that all the ads are terribly annoying but some definitely scratch the surfaces of a chalkboard more than others to annoy us. Here is the summary of the most hated advertisement online.

The ultimate advertisement inquiry

Worst advertisement method of 2015

We asked the 1173 volunteers to choose the most annoying ad from the following eight types; Affiliate links, Blogpost advertorial, Facebook promoted posts, Background retargeting ads, Website Popup ads, Fullscreen overlay ads and YouTube advertising video’s. These people all surf the web daily and get confronted with ads in their browsers but also on apps for Android or iPhone. The sample group was aged between 18-65 and 40% woman 60% male. The users mainly browse on a Windows PC 67% (why?) vs 21% Apple and the most stunning part is that 24% is still using Internet Explorer (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)

The results

We have one big winner and a few losers. The curve is obvious that this type of advertisement is disrespected and hated by almost all people on earth. Here is the full summary;

#1 YouTube advertising video’s 44% (515 votes)
#2 Fullscreen overlay ads 27% (315 votes)
#3 Website popups advertisements 17% (201 votes)
#4 Background retargeting ads 5% (54 votes)
#5 Website Banners 3% (34 votes)
#6 Facebook promoted posts 2% (25 votes)
#7 Blogpost advertorials 1% (15 votes)
#8 Affiliate links 1% (14 votes)

The winner is YouTube Advertisement Videos

The big fat winner of the most annoying advertisement awards 2015 is YouTube Advertising videos. With a massive score of 44% of the people you should check yourself before you wreck yourself Google. Almost 50% of the people dislike your advertisement strategy. Isn’t it enough to manipulate our online search results with your monopoly strategy? Here download our ad blocker to block YouTube commercials.

44% of the online users thinks Youtube advertising videos are the most annoying ads online

The big losers are Blogpost advertorials and Affiliate links

Guess you both also won an award for not being that annoying. Webmasters all around the world this is your strategy for advertising in 2016! You should only use advertorial postings or affiliate links to bring in the well needed cash to fund your server spending and exquisite lifestyle. No, just kidding we don’t mind an affiliate link here and there. I personally hate Facebook promoted posts.

Please people, listen to our advice, download a ad blocker for your browser and be free again!

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