Lets start ad blocking via PI-hole

We are the best at blocking every advertisement online. Yes we’re, we’re great! And to fully integrate an ad free environment in your home we present to you PI-hole. This is an open source software that supports network-wide ad blocking, which means you will be blocking every ad on all the devices connected to your own internet network. So prepare to free your laptop, iPhone, Nexus tablet and desktop PC from all online commercials! Pi-Hole is free to use and works on many operating systems such as Raspbian: Jessie (lite / with pixel), Ubuntu version 14.04 / 16.04 / 16.10, Fedora version 24 / 25, Debian 8.6 and CentOS version 7.2.1511 / 7.3.1611 that can be easily installed on your Raspberry Pi. The minimum requirements for your PC should be roughly 52MB of free space to install the program and 512MB RAM to run it. Pi-hole is lightweight software, easy to install and superfast in ad blocking! This is how you install it on your PC/router/server.

What you need to install Pi-hole

You need a couple of things to use PI-Hole as an ad blocker. Don’t worry not that much 🙂

  • Raspberry Pi
  • One of the supported operating systems: Raspbian Jessie (lite / with pixel), Ubuntu version 14.04 / 16.04 / 16.10, Fedora version 24 / 25, Debian 8.6 or CentOS version 7.2.1511 / 7.3.1611 on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Able to configure your router DHCP options

How to install Pi-hole ad blocking

Installing a Pi-hole ad blocker on Windows or MAC OS is very easy. You just have to follow the following steps and then you’re blocking ads on a network level.

  1. Install one of the supported operating systems on your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Install Pi-hole on the Raspberry Pi. The program can be downloaded here or via the install “curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash|”” command.
  3. Configure your router DHCP settings to force clients in using your PI-hole as their DNS server. You can also manually configure each device but that takes much more time than blocking ads on the whole network at once. This step sounds more difficult than it actually is. The only thing that you have to change are some ports and DNS settings on your router.
  4. Done! Your Pi-hole blocks all advertisements at a DNS level. This means your whole network is protected and any device connected will automatically block online commercials even inside Apps and programs.

View the detailed tutorial to install Pi-hole on your MAC OS.

Not interested or is it to complicated to block ads on a network level? Than you can always use one of our browser adblock plugins.

Facts about Pi-hole

– PI-hole is a black hole for internet advertisements
– Open source software
– Pi-hole is very lightweight as it only handles DNS queries and returns a blank HTML file so it doesn’t need much processing power.
– Pi-hole will run on most Debian-based distros and is the preferred platform for it.
– We need port 53 for DNS and 80 for the Web server. However, the Web server port can be modified to a non-standard one if needed.
– The code is completely open, but piping to bash can be dangerous. For a safer install, review the code and then run the installer locally.

O yeah did we mention that we love PI-Hole?

2 thoughts on “Lets start ad blocking via PI-hole

  1. t4exanadu@gmail.com'Andy F

    I second what Owen said. I’ve been using Pi-hole for a couple years now, and I almost never see ads. I also use Anti-Adblock Killer for Firefox (or Chrome), which takes care of many of the “Disable your ad-blocker” overlays that prevent you from seeing the page.

    If you have another Raspberry Pi or a similar single-board computer, you can run openvpn-server, and use it to connect to your home network when you’re out. That way, you can have an ad-free experience even when you are connected to another wifi network, or using your mobile data. I can’t recommend enough Pi-VPN (www.pivpn.io) which makes installing and configuring openvpn-server much easier.

  2. hello@owenscode.org'Owen Quinlan

    Have been using Pi-Hole for a couple of days at home, run great and I have not actually seen an ad since install, using it as my only ad block of phone it works great and by it self on the computer works great too! would recommend using it in your network too!

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