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A search engine is a website that is can search the Internet for you on certain keywords, you probably know the most famous on “Google”. Today’s search engines are smart enough to understand your questions and show results that might be of interest for you. These search queries are based on previous searches in the engine. Back in the days people used various search engines before the arrival of Google. The most used engines around the year 1993-1997 are, Altavista, Lycos, HotBot, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo directory. These days most of these search engines are lost in time and almost everybody prefers to use, or But there are still some potential underdogs such as, AOL Search, DuckDuckGo and


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We got adverts blockers for the search engine you use on any browser. You probably don’t want any annoying pop-ups, banners, sponsored pages or any other advertisement in your online experience? Right, just follow our simple guides.

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6 thoughts on “Block all advertisement on Search Engines”

  1. we can block ads on any website we want. Getting constantly bombarded with ads demanding we spend our money on things we do not want, need, or at least do not want at that moment is absolutely infuriating.
    even more infuriating is when they flash or move to grab your attention making you loose focus on the task.

    Fake generated ads in the search engine is just as ridiculous and infuriating. for example i looked up
    “better cnc control software than marlin”
    and got this:
    Easy To Use CNC Controls | Free Lifetime Control Support‎

    what the Flying F does lifetime control support have to do with CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machinery software?

    if you have google ad sense on and look up a new toaster on amazon buy a toaster you get ads for toasters for weeks. do i need 30 toasters? NO! just one that i already bought.

    some people dont mind ads at all but it drives the rest of us insane. just imagine walking to your car and 25-50 people show up holding signs waving them around trying to get you to buy something. all you wanted is to get in your car and go to work.

  2. I have websites that are free to use, offering information to people that helps them in their own life. I pay to host my sites, spend my time (lots of it) answering questions for people and creating and editing my content. The only way I can do that is by showing ads on my pages. Don’t block ads on sites that you are getting good information from. I do understand about the ads that block content continuously, that is really annoying.
    This site is doing the same thing!

  3. That doesn’t block the ads that are in the search results area, just the ones on sides, tops, bottom, etc… I need to do research, not buy anything. =(

  4. For me ads in friendly and more user friendly is not bothering me. But some ads keeps floating and flying testing my nerves a lot. Thanks for this great content.


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