Testing your ads blocker

Test your ad blocker here
Are you not sure about if your ad blocker is working? Well follow the next steps to test your ads blocker abilities and you will find out in moments if the ads blocker is working. We also offer a solution when it doesn’t work!

Ads blocker test

  1. Do you see advertisements on the left side of this website?
  2. Do you see ads under this article?
  3. Do you see advertisement in general on this page/website?
  4. No? Congratulations the ads blocker test was successful and you’re ads free! If the answer is yes follow the next step on how to clear those annoying ads!
  5. Do you see ads when you play a video on YouTube?
  6. Yes? Then the ads blocker isnโ€™t worker properly and you should choose your web-browser in step 7 and follow the steps on the page. No? Proceed to step 8 you’re almost ad free!
  7. What web-browser do you use? Choose please: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.
  8. One last test awaits here; can you spot the subliminal messaging?
  9. SHORT NOTE: you can find any downloadable ad blocker for free on our website

Let us know how the ads blockers are working!

The Ad Blocker

We can only dream of The Ad Blocker that will block all ads on the Internet. Companies nowadays find new ways to dodge the ad blocker abilities and still serve you fresh and annoying ads you donโ€™t want. Until the ultimate ad blocker is build we have to work with what we have. If you follow the steps on our website you will be presented the best working top rated and most downloaded free ad blocker online that suits your browser! Donโ€™t wait any longer and start your quest in an ad free Internet world, download the ultimate ad blocker now under the browser tab you prefer.

Testing your ads blocker
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148 thoughts on “Testing your ads blocker

  1. a.p.wood@gmail.com'linacguy

    I use an ad-blocker to protect me from Malvertising. If the ad network used by a popular and legitimate website has been compromised, I do not want to get hit with malware. Simple as that. When the ad-companies can guarantee that their networks are secure, that they will not infect MY hardware with malware, they will not serve ads that use more bandwidth than the page I am viewing, do not slow down the page load, do not flash, pop up, pop over the content etc. then I may think about white listing them. Until then, they can either change their business model or go to hell.

  2. wobbitr32@gmail.com'badrabbitr32

    If you really want to block ads, banners, 3rd party Cookies, 3rd party page counters, web bugs, and even most hijackers from even getting through to your computer then you can/SHOULD just modify your HOST files on your PC.
    This is FREE too!! Just modify the file so that it blocks IP addresses of offenders!
    I get my consistently updated HOST files from here… http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/
    They update the files and even have a way that users can submit IP addresses of the bastards that cause us grief!

    1. hahaokay@mail.com'Ichiban

      Neat, but PeerBlock effectively does the same thing without a need for you to modify your HOST file. It also updates it’s lists at whatever interval you specify.

        1. littlebit@aol.com'MIchael Allred

          pi-hole is great. I highly recommend it.

          However, I got cocky and tried to run owncloud on the same pi…… Let me say, it ends poorly. Buy a dedicated pi for pi-hole and just let it do it’s thing.

    1. djfjglkd@aol.com'john smit

      the best use for raspberry pi yet! I set it up for wifi too. just plug in the rpi to power source and let it do its thing!

    2. asdf@werb.com'Izaak Shekelzberg

      yeah pihole is free and working awesome. Updated lists for adserver come daily. Free but you can send tip to the hard working developer. I got superb performance using the old rpi 1.

      1. lightmaster.tech@gmail.com'lightmaster

        AdAway doesn’t require any app to be running and only updates a modified HOSTS file. By far the best way of blocking ads as it uses 0 memory or extra storage space, doesn’t effect the Data Usage screen (Adguard says everything is downloaded by AdGuard and you can’t tell if something is eating up data, plus there’s an app always running that’s actively blocking ads).

      2. dsadsad@dfsa.com'dsaddas

        adaway modifies the hosts file, which is way less resource intensive than using a VPN, and what if i want to use an actual VPN for something?

  3. mdhoneyc@gmail.com'Marshall

    Adblock Plus and Adblock now both allow paid ads, i suggest dumping them and getting uBlock Origin. Both of those companies are now sell outs allowing ads DITCH THEM!!!

  4. bkate14@gmail.com'bkate14

    You do realise that you are able to go to YouTube and watch videos for free due to the ads….. having a website yourself you will know that it takes time to update and there are always things to be done whether it be maintenance or fresh content…. Do you expect someone to do that for free for you, just so you can watch a webinar or game walkthrough? I think if it wasn’t for the ads these websites would have had to start paid subscriptions a long time ago, If everyone blocked ads on their browsers you would soon have to start paying some other way…I mean no one is going to sit there losing money forever you know….

    Blocking the referral spam though – Awesome!

    Also, the affordability of online ads for small businesses is great, and this helps to keep the prices of all kinds of goods competitive and affordable, imagine if there were no internet ads, everyone listens to radio online now so no radio ads, and no tv ads as everyone is on netfllix, how do you find out about new products? How do businesses promote themselves as small businesses cant afford billboard ads… only the biggest players of every industry can afford to advertise, small businesses get squeezed out of the market and then prices go up! Just because you couldn’t wait 15 seconds…. think about it….I know some ads are annoying and some remarketing campaigns bombard you with the same ad over and over without a frequency limit but if it saves me from having to pay a subscription I am quite happy to do it…. and if it stops complete industry monopolization as well then all the better..

    1. Ad blocker king Post author

      Yes and we don’t care. If you have an account on Youtube they are able to sell your personal details or use them for their Adsense targeting. We say NO to ADs just for that. They earn enough money without those annoying ads popping up everywhere.

      1. keesjanvandermeij1@gmail.com'dutchguy

        On YouTube ads do not pop up everywhere. The only reason I use an adblocker is because of the irritating ads that do pop up everywhere but it would be good to allow normal ads to show because otherwise like Bkate says we will be paying for all kinds of websites in no time

    2. abanglek@yahoo.com'Abglek

      For me this about managing this gold mine. Server get some million, apple google ms get some billion. The best & most greedy are data service provider, get hundreds of billion, without tax & toll to contents provider. So were user have to see all the crap & porn ads after pay data monthly, content providers have to beg to get some crumb of money. Pity

    3. axeoasis@gmail.com'Axeoasis

      I use ad block because because websites use too much advertising. They have far surpassed the amount of ads they need to make revenue. Youtube is the only website i’ve seen that doesn’t use many ads, normally 2 to a page (the video and a side bar). It’s the internet, it’s trained people to have short attention spans so if you want an intrusive ad, make it 5 seconds not 15. On top of that, we get full page 15 second ads, often over and over on multiple websites. The worst is that most of these ads aren’t even legitimate and are often just links to malware or some other fake scam.

  5. swag@swag.swag'swag

    I think SDC is literally the best and this tool is the best and I hate ads and malware and bad extensions.
    Support com me

  6. vergilsparda752@gmail.com'Muhammad Dary

    Yeah my adsblocker works ๐Ÿ˜€ , im using adAway…. and no more ads and redirect to fake website

  7. t00face@outlook.com'T00FACE

    I am using ad-away and I subscribe to Iblocklist.com for 9.99/year. When I use this app along with all the block listed ad servers I get wicked results on my nexus 5. Well worth paying for the extra maintained lists imo. Blocks most ads from free apps too! I Don’t see 1 ad on here either. Cheers!

  8. lak@teachers.org'No More Heroes

    Thanks for the test page. In IE11 all ads blocked at the router level and NOT served to the home network. This method not only saves huge amounts of collective bandwidth on ALL connected devices it also doesn’t use any (not one cycle!) of cpu time and it also provides absolutely no time lag whilst devices search for host file amendments.

    All Netgear routers can do this Just use the block sites/keyword function and say goodbye to the ads*.

    *Cannot block embedded Google and Bing page ads or Youtube video ads. To hide these you need ABP.

  9. g2848811@trbvm.com'J Smitt

    Can someone do some work with Smart-TV browsers (such as Samsung). I know you can visit an unwanted site then manually add the link to a *block-site* list. But many advert links are redirector links and throw you quicky onto another site so you can’t always grab the first link you actually want to block. We need a way of browsing the links and adding them manually somehow (since the Smart-TV providers won’t let you install alternative Browsers or unapproved Apps – like an AdBlocker App).

          1. Ad blocker king Post author

            Sounds like awesomeness! Will try it out on my home network and review it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the heads up John!

  10. fk@gmail.com'Fred

    FYI, on a Mac here, I usually use Firefox with NoScript and Adblock Edge. I’d forgotten I’d installed Glimmer Bloker when dinking around with Safari, and just happened to turn off all extensions in FF to test this.

    Either it does work very well in FF, or there are actually NO ads on this page!
    Wow, think I’ll give up the adblocking on this couch surfing machine and just keep GB and NoScript as Javascript controller.

  11. MichaelDuclos@hotmail.com'Michael Duclos

    Disabled my script blocker, which can take out some ads on its own and relied only on my pure ad blocking measures. No ads on this page whatsoever, so I guess my setup is pretty good. Thanks for the test! Using the Windows Firefox in WINE running on Debian Linux(compatible, fast, and easy to keep updated without messing with libs). Adblock plus is installed+an old hosts file in the case of this PC. The DNS is on my router which regularly downloads and merges 4 hosts files. The source servers for my router’s DNS are servers that specialize in Ad blocking. These ad companies have become so pesky lately, especially on Android(go figure, no apps crash or hang on me when ads are blocked), which is why I use more than 1 line of defense.

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