Testing your ads blocker

Test your ad blocker here
Are you not sure about if your ad blocker is working? Well follow the next steps to test your ads blocker abilities and you will find out in moments if the ads blocker is working. We also offer a solution when it doesn’t work!

Ads blocker test

  1. Do you see advertisements on the left side of this website?
  2. Do you see ads under this article?
  3. Do you see advertisement in general on this page/website?
  4. No? Congratulations the ads blocker test was successful and you’re ads free! If the answer is yes follow the next step on how to clear those annoying ads!
  5. Do you see ads when you play a video on YouTube?
  6. Yes? Then the ads blocker isn’t worker properly and you should choose your web-browser in step 7 and follow the steps on the page. No? Proceed to step 8 you’re almost ad free!
  7. What web-browser do you use? Choose please: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.
  8. One last test awaits here; can you spot the subliminal messaging?
  9. SHORT NOTE: you can find any downloadable ad blocker for free on our website

Let us know how the ads blockers are working!

The Ad Blocker

We can only dream of The Ad Blocker that will block all ads on the Internet. Companies nowadays find new ways to dodge the ad blocker abilities and still serve you fresh and annoying ads you don’t want. Until the ultimate ad blocker is build we have to work with what we have. If you follow the steps on our website you will be presented the best working top rated and most downloaded free ad blocker online that suits your browser! Don’t wait any longer and start your quest in an ad free Internet world, download the ultimate ad blocker now under the browser tab you prefer.

188 thoughts on “Testing your ads blocker

  1. Goatmanallen@gmail.com'Drozolath

    For Both Phone and PC/Laptop A nice Browser to use (built in ad blocker and a few other things) Is Brave (www.brave.com)

  2. theiconrichie@gmail.com'Richie

    I use pi-hole on my raspberry pi zero w to block all ads when your on your home network you can also set up and VPN profile to route your phone network. here is the site its simple.

  3. nevadaking123@gmail.com'Nevada King

    Using Android? Go for Adguard Premium.
    Using Windows browser? Ublock does it all.
    Using a router setup? A hosts file will do.
    Raspberry Pi can also work wonders.

  4. lalalolo49@hotmail.fr'lalalolo

    I have a VPN with dnsmasq. Works perfectly on android but doesn’t work on windows 10 (Firefox, Chrome, Edge).
    Googled everywhere if someone has an idea, maybe it is not possible. It doesn’t seem that I have a DNS leak but I am not really sure how it works.

      1. addingtothemanynotinterested@mailinator.com'Guest

        Dude… “adblock” is not just a product name anymore and hasn’t been for years. It’s become a generic term. PiHole provides (an) adblock. Way, way past browser-based stuff like uBlock Origin.

  5. madoka277@yahoo.fr'Madoka

    Bonjour, depuis le redémarrage de mon Samsung Galaxy A3, hier soir, Adblock Plus ne fonctionne plus. Il affiche pourtant bien le message “Ads are blocked on wifi connection”. J’ai donc à présent de la pub de partout. Que faire ? Merci de m’aider svp.

  6. beenmousa@gmail.com'Silima

    Try replacing your hosts file with a comprehensive one found at the link below & notice the difference! You can also use it with uBlock Origin.

  7. neoncarrotuk@gmail.com'Wonko

    Ten minutes to set up pi-hole and not an ad to be seen on the twenty odd devices in the house; adblocking doesn’t get any easier or better than this!

  8. denny@lenselink.net'FifthAxiom

    I’ve created my own router script that downloads various hosts files (ads, malware etc.) and merges them to one file. Options to ex- and include hosts. Works with crontab. No ads on home network, not even using Youtube. Virtually never ever seen one ad for a decade. Since I have a family this script also sets different DNS services to prevent access to adult sites for example. Blocking port 53 to other DNS servers and blocking VPN services prevents users to use other DNS servers to circumvent the blockade.

    1. fuckyourregistration@fuckyoutoo.com'ConcernedCitizen

      Sounds like pi-hole plus a few extra sites added. No need to build that manually, it already exists and works great.

  9. zboutin64@gmail.com'pcgamer57

    this ad blocker works the best i turned it off on this site i see ads but when its on i don’t see them, oh yeah and no more “DOWNLOAD OUR RISK FREE FREE PDF CONVERTER”

  10. noahreplyah@gmail.com'super ad

    I use at least 2 adblockers at all times the first one blocks most ads and the second blocks anything else that comes through 🙂

      1. jvhutchisonjr@gmail.com'John H.

        Or get a real router like pfSense and run squid/squidguard, and pfBlocker so there is no need to install and run applications on the computers/cellphones. My unit cost $400 to build, pfSense is free, and am running squid/squidguard, pfBlocker, Snort, and a slew of other things that protect the whole network.

        1. morgan2k4@gmail.com'Ilomantis

          You can also try Pi-hole, it’s free software that runs on a Raspberry-pi and you just need to change your devices DNS servers to the pi-holes address and it blocks ads. You can also make your router redirect DNS querys to the the pi-hole so you don’t even have to configure anything.

          1. iduncare@mys.onl'C. W.

            or just use the DNS server on your router, generate entries for some of the main adservers pointing to a nonsense IP.

            This will deal quicker than adblockers and adblock checkers won’t notice it since you do not really block the ads, but they just cannot be loaded xD

            Ex: “The server under googleads.g.doubleclick.net could not be found” :b

  11. kandiklover@gmail.com'Emily Taylor

    I use the uBlock Origin. Also has a companion extension app. really great at anti adblock stuff, can even go to forbes and no webpage.

  12. abc@dfg.com'doivodoi68JM

    “Do you see ads” is a meaningless question. You should have an image of what’s NOT meant to be seen.

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