Testing your ads blocker

Test your ad blocker here
Are you not sure about if your ad blocker is working? Well, just follow the next steps to test your ads blocker abilities and you will find out in moments if the ads blocker is working. We also offer a solution when it doesn’t work! By the way you can also easily test your pihole on this page.

Ads blocker test

  1. Do you see advertisements on the left side of this website?
  2. Do you see ads under this article?
  3. Do you see advertisement in general on this page/website?
  4. No? Congratulations! The ads blocker test was successful and you are ads free. If the answer was yes, please follow the next steps on how to clear those annoying ads.
  5. Do you see ads when you play a video on YouTube?
  6. Yes? Then your ad blocker isn’t worker properly and you should choose your web-browser in step 7 and follow the steps on the page. No? Proceed to step 8 you’re almost ad free!
  7. What web-browser do you use? Choose please: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.
  8. One last test awaits here; can you spot the subliminal messaging?
  9. SHORT NOTE: you can find any downloadable ad blocker for free on our website

Let us know how the ads blockers are working!

The Ad Blocker

We can only dream of The Ad Blocker that will block all ads on the Internet. Companies nowadays find new ways to dodge the ad blocker abilities and still serve you fresh and annoying ads you don’t want. Until the ultimate ad blocker is build we have to work with what we have. If you follow the steps on our website you will be presented the best working top rated and most downloaded free ad blocker online that suits your browser! Don’t wait any longer and start your quest in an ad free Internet world, download the ultimate ad blocker now under the browser tab you prefer.

200 thoughts on “Testing your ads blocker

  1. nomorebloodyads-please@yahoo.com'Morpheas

    Finally found a good adblocker, it’s a uBlock Origin fork called Nano Adblocker and an extra addon called Nano Defender by Github user jspenguin2017. You can find both for Chrome and Firefox.

  2. ssebip@gmail.com'TethiS

    Pi-Hole + forwarded DNS blocking Malware and Ads (for the LAN) + UblockOrigin (on Chromes and Firefoxes) + DuckDuckGo 😉

  3. Nunya@Bidness.com'NunyaBidness

    I’m using PiHole on a $25 Pine64 device running Linux and ZERO ADS here. Best part: It protects my entire network. No ads for ANYTHING connected to my network. Friends can come over, connect to my Wi-Fi and be protected too. This is great!

        1. lazy@maildrop.cc'smart_than_rando

          How would buying something that uses much more power and costs far more than $25 provide network-wide ad blocking for less than $25? Dipshit.

    1. notme@mailinator.com'Rohan

      your friend thanks you! However, pihole performs zero url filtering.

      For $19 I bought a GL-iNet mango to install luci-adblock. It does the same thing as PiHole. Plus mango has a WireGuard client

      I force my guests to use AdGuard DNS. Also I prevent them from viewing NFS shares.

  4. noesinprotante@gmail.com'Steve Breshard

    I am using Nordvpn and seeing zero ads! I had to download their app (Android apk) from their website because Google no longer allows them to have the ad blocking feature in the app they have on the Google Play store.
    I am grateful NordVPN didn’t just cave in to Google’s demands and allows its users the option of which app to download. In addition to no ads, I can get secure OpenVPN encryption for any through their app. No snooping from ads and no snooping from MITMs!
    I am also glad to see many others getting the same thing in different apps. Hopefully it becomes enough of a trend that crazy, intrusive ads stop being used!

    1. notme@mailinator.com'#PrivacyMatters

      circumvent their thought police by allowing users to specify resolvers to use while connected to vpn


      stop using ANY google “free” service if you care about privacy. Have some intellectual honesty

      the INSTANT you login to a social site or google there is VERY LITTLE point also remaining connected to vpn. at that point you’re only hiding your traffic from your ISP. You have let google know it’s you again.

      that’s foolish

  5. awesomesilly.bd@gmail.com'Anonymous

    I’m not even using this adblocker, I’m just using a DNS address by AdGuard. You don’t even need to download anything. (IPv4: –

  6. psychopathio@sykorp.com'PSYCHOPATHiO

    It’s funny reading through the comments, I’m using pfSense® firewall with pfBlockerNG and loads on ad blocking dns and IPv4 lists to block ads. That is connected to a dedicated DNS server with DNScrypt with an additional layer of dns blocking lists configured with another unbound with dnssec enabled..

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