Testing your ads blocker

Ad blocker testing steps

Are you unsure if your ad blocker is working? Well, just follow the next steps to test your ads blocker abilities and you will find out in moments if it’s working. My website generates various types of ads such as popups, banners (static & dynamic) and overlays for you to test. I also offer an ad block solution when it doesn’t work (for free)!

By the way you can also easily test your pi hole on this page as most advertisements are generated via third parties.


Ad blocker test steps

  1. Do you see advertisements on the left side of this website? You can skip this step if you’re on a mobile.
  2. Do you see a banner ad above the test steps?
  3. Do you see any ad directly underneath the test steps?
  4. Click here and wait for the popup ad to be generated (you’ll have to wait around 10 seconds just to be sure). Did you see any popup?
  5. Do you see advertisement in general on this page/website?
  6. No? Congratulations! The ads blocker test was successful, and you are ads free. If the answer was yes, please follow the next steps on how to clear those annoying ads.
  7. Do you see advertisements when you play a video on YouTube?
  8. Yes? Then your ad blocker isn’t worker properly and you should choose your web-browser in step 9 in order to fix this. No? Proceed to step 10 you’re almost ad free!
  9. What web-browser / operating system do you use? Choose please: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Android, Firefox, Safari, iOS, Pi-hole or Opera. Don’t forget to come back for the most important step 10!
  10. Unfortunately, you’re now safe from advertisements but are still being tracked online for your private data. I wrote an easy guide on how to go off the grid, you should follow it.

Let us know how the ads blockers are working!


The Ad Blocker

We can only dream of The Ad Blocker that will block all ads on the Internet. Why? Because nowadays, companies like Google and Facebook find new ways to dodge ad blocker abilities and still serve you fresh and annoying ads you don’t want. They are growing into the pay to play platforms that deceive oblivious Internet users into their ecosystem full of advertisements. In addition, they steal content from the greatest minds online and re-use it for their own benefit. The 0 clicks search engine results are on the rise and so are their ads. But don’t worry! Our pre-tested ad blockers will block Adwords, Youtube commercial videos, Facebook sponsored posts and many more.

Until the ultimate ad blocker is build, we have to work with what we have. If you follow the steps on our website you will be presented the best working, top rated and most downloaded free ad blocker online that suits your browser! Don’t wait any longer and start your quest in an ad free Internet world.

FAQ about the ad block test

⛔ How do I know if my ad blocker is working?

Follow the 10 steps on my testing page and you’ll encounter various types of advertisement such as banners and popups. If you don’t see any ads here, you won’t see them anywhere online.

✅ What are the best tested ad blockers?

I’m constantly testing all the ad blockers that are on the market to provide you with the best possible plugins for the ever-growing advertisement problem.

Is my pi hole ad block is working?

If you follow the 10 steps on my test page you’ll be able to test your pi hole ad blocker as the page generates different kind of online advertisements. This way you’ll easily find out if your pi hole network ad block is working.

How do I know if my ad blocker is blocking tracking?

My test page will generate various tracking codes/methods based on the use of third-party cookies. Your ad blocker will detect them and show a little popup. If it doesn’t your ad blocker isn’t working properly, and I can offer you a solution.

Download the ultimate ad blocker now under the browser tab you prefer.

308 thoughts on “Testing your ads blocker”

  1. I have started to use Brave and it has blocked every ad on this page. It has also blocked all ads and trackers on every website I’ve been on since I got it. So far it has not broken any sites and I can still use the web as I was before with Chrome 96.

    • Jep, Brave browser is really owning all ads these days. I can recommend this browser above any plugins nowadays. Please also use DuckDuckGo as a search engine. We shouldn’t make Google bigger than it already is. Cheers for the comment Craig!

  2. Just used the adblocker ultimate with some rules input and all ads are gone. Easy
    P/s: [translate by google translate]

  3. Yeah.. Shame their devices share your personal information with amazons partners. Websites you visited, isp you use all mac and IP addresses connected to the hardware. Just read their privacy policy.

  4. I block ads and some privacy stuff via Tomato router firmware. It blocks it for all network-connected devices, even on the Guest Wi-Fi.

  5. @ Max – DNS (domain name-based hosts on the internet that are ads-and-or-tracking servers) is not the only way to track you. IPs are occasionally hard-coded in, and also if I am not mistaken, Google for example, bypass DNS to use their own servers in Android. One can force all DNS through the Pi-Hole as a workaround, but I don’t think it is fool-proof or bulletproof. Is it?

  6. I have tested three major web browsers in the iOS system. Edge was successful, Brave was also successful. Safari passed the test with the AdGuard addon installed from the App Store. However Safari failed to pass with ABP ( AdBlock Plus) addon which is interesting that Edge also uses ABP but passes.

  7. Sure? Why not use them all.. it’s an install once and forget situation mostly, so.. go for it. I recommend opting for network-wide approaches first, then individual client solutions.

    My setup is MullvadVPN (WireGuard), AdGuard Home + pixelserv-tls combo. I then use client level blockers uBlock, DuckDuckGo & WebRTC leak plugin depending.

  8. Recommend you try AdGuard Home + PixelServ-TLS combo. Works even better than Pi-Hole and has more features. I’ve just converted both my primary and secondary DNS blockers on my home network and am very happy.

  9. Am using a Raspberry-Pi as “Pi-hole”. This defeats any blocker i know and it protects every / any device in your network without the need to install add-blockers on these defices (so yes, also your smartphone, tablet, smartwacht and smart-tv). Pi-Hole acts as a DNS-server in your network blocking any add from even loading. Just point your routers DNS adres to the Pi-Hole and your done. Best investment ever.

  10. What if I told you I am using 5 of them…

    My favorite is called ADGUARD, and works really well
    I am also using Sigma, AdClash, and AdBlock, I am also using Safe Search.

    Question, do I really need to use all these, I just want to be safe online and I hate getting any type of ads, and it all started when I was trying to get RID of those PESKY ANNOYING ADS on Spotify that blow out your eardrums. You know what I am talking about, just imagine this, your mowing the lawn, volume all the way up and your jamming out to whatever you want, and then BOOM, an annoyingly loud ad says “BUY OUR FRIGGIN PRODUCT BECAUSE WE LOVE TRACKING, SELLING, AND COLLECTING YOUR PERSONAL DATA SO WE KNOW YOU WOULD LOVE OUR PRODUCT” and then the 30 seconds worth of your bleeding eardrums is over.
    What I really want to know is what settings can I mess with, to just stop the pain of my ears! I am probably half deaf because of these ads, and is there a way to completely get gone of these ads?


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