The ultimate ad blocker

Ads blocker plugin for every browser
You can find the ultimate ad blocker for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera on our website. Just follow the steps that we provide on the pages of your proffered browser and you will get the latest version of what we think the best ad blocker is for your browser.

Finding the ultimate advertisement blocker


We have searched the web for you guys and took benchmarks, reviews, downloads and ratings in account to find the best ad blocker for your browser. With our ad blocker suggestions you will be able to enjoy the full internet experience again without ads or other spam that is infesting your screen.

To find the best ad blocker for your browser we suggest you start at our homepage and follow the walkthrough. It is really easy to block all the advertisements with our help! Don’t you worry we are here to save you!

2 thoughts on “The ultimate ad blocker”

  1. It worked! I can’t believe it! I am a little confused, tho. I ended up here after dealing with hours of search engine result ads. I do research, not shop. So those ads are so irritating, cut down on my results per page, and waste my time. I have used ad block plus for a long time, but today what they don’t block got to be too much. I clicked on your solution for yahoo search on Firefox, and you say to use ad block plus. So I commented that doesn’t work. I went around this site some more, anyway, and then found adguard, so I tried it. AND IT WORKED! I just check in another window, and you do, indeed, recommend ad block plus. Why? It doesn’t work. Adguard does, tho. I’m glad I was so frustrated that I kept looking. I almost gave up on this site after you recommended the one that doesn’t work! LOL! I’m SO glad I looked a little bit more!
    I think the difference was that you recommended ad block plus thru the ‘yahoo’ recommendation. And the second time around, I went thru the Firefox recommendation. I do use ‘Yahoo’ search, but on Firefox. That’s what caused the ‘bimp’ in my road, so to speak.
    The bump put aside, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for recommending adguard!! It seems to do exactly what I need. =)
    I will be recommending and adguard to everyone starting immediately!!
    I love you! =)

  2. Just use the menu to navigate to the browser that you’re using! Then install the ad blocker in a few simple steps.. not hard, everybody can do that! Woehoe


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