Block all adverts on Safari

Ads blocker for Safari browser

Are you using Safari as a web-browser on your Mac or Windows PC/phone? Then we can help you in blocking all the online advertisements! Our ad blocker blocks any annoying commercials, unwanted followers, ugly banners, Google Adwords and skips right through commercials on YouTube. This must be your lucky day right? Follow our easy install guide and you will be browsing the web without advertisement in no time.

Safari Adblock Plus

We can recommend you AdBlock Plus browser plugin for Safari. This plugin blocks all commercial related content from third parties on websites. You can download the plugin for free and installing it takes only a minute of your time.


Click the following link to download the ad blocker for free; Safari ads blocker download


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How does an ads block work?

Any ads blocker is a plug-in designed for your web-browser (let’s use Safari for this example). The only purpose of the browser plugin is that it blocks all commercial content on websites. The ads block loads in a split second and blocks all ads before you can see them. So no annoying commercials before YouTube videos or pop-ups for you after you install one of our ad blockers! An ads block is a free plug-in provided by partners and opensource web developers that want to make the world a better place.

Please let us know how the Safari ads blocker works!

6 thoughts on “Block all adverts on Safari”

  1. Took 2 mins to setup, after so, this works phenomenally.
    Never have any issues, but ads turn into yellow boxes sometimes.
    Nonetheless I must give you much thanks for this amazing app, I would’ve never knew it existed for iOS! 🙂


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